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Assistant Torvar is one of Kiiran Dals' researchers on Havarl.


Torvar and two of his colleagues were exploring a Remnant monolith when they became trapped in a stasis field. All attempts to revive them have failed, much to Kiiran's distress.

Prior to getting stuck, Torvar learned of a crashed angaran shuttle from before the Scourge that surfaced at the bottom of the Chasm of the Builders. He attempted to trek there despite Avela Kjar's admonitions not to, though he ultimately had to back off due to hostile Remnant bots. He also saw several "grey, spiky aliens" while surveying the wilds, though he chose not to interfere with their business.

Mass Effect: Andromeda[]

Pathfinder Ryder, upon hearing the news from Kiiran, may parlay their Remnant expertise to rescue Torvar's team. Upon breaking out of stasis Torvar resumes what he was doing prior to getting frozen. He's startled at what seems to be the sudden appearance of aliens in front of him, not realizing he was trapped in the first place. If Jaal Ama Darav is with the squad Torvar recognizes him and discloses what they were doing, additionally confessing to an incoming headache before returning to Pelaav with his team. Otherwise, Torvar disbelieves anything Ryder says and plans to report their presence at the monolith upon returning to Pelaav.

Back at the outpost, Torvar drinks something for the aftereffects while reporting to Kiiran. If Ryder hasn't rescued the local turians yet, Torvar mentions them in his report. His doubts about the Pathfinder's story, if any, were dispelled when Kiiran showed him proof with pictures. If the Pathfinder's relieved the angara didn't shoot at them first, Torvar chuckles and concurs. Now that he has experienced firsthand Ryder's ability with the Remnant, he suggests to Kiiran they could use the help in fixing the monoliths and stopping Havarl's decline.

If Ryder asks about the turian presence on Havarl, Torvar gives them a navpoint to their last known location for follow-up. He and his team stayed out of the turians' sight, and they only saw debris, not anything as large as an ark. As he was in stasis for a while, he supposes the turians could still be alive if they didn't eat anything from the jungle or if they didn't run into Roekaar.

From his studies of the monoliths, Torvar has learned that only two functioning monoliths out of three are responsible for Havarl's slowly dying ecosystem. They tried locating the third one, but the connections between the monoliths have degraded.

With few other options, Torvar suggests asking the sages at Mithrava for insight. When he was a boy, he overheard from them the story of an angara who lived through the Scourge. The spatial phenomenon shut down all vaults cluster-wide, but this angara knew how to interface with Remnant and managed to partially bring the world's vault back online. The sages were considered backwards people by Kiiran and the way to their abode too dangerous, which is why Torvar didn't seriously consider consulting with them earlier.