Assistant Torvar is an angaran researcher located at Pelaav Research Station on Havarl.

Torvar is conducting research on Remnant technology and buildings on Havarl. During his research in a remnant ruin nearby Pelaav Research Station, he is caught in a sort of remnant stasis with two of his fellow colleagues. He stays frozen for days when Pathfinder Ryder eventually saves him from his stasis. After his release by Ryder, Torvar thanks Ryder and goes back to Pelaav Research Station.

There, Torvar mentions to Ryder that, before his incident, he has seen a group of turians crashed on Havarl but he stayed out of sight. According to him, they could still be alive or attacked by the Roekaars. He gives Ryder a navpoint to investigate and eventually find turian's leader, Avitus Rix.

While speaking to Torvar about the ecosystem of Havarl, he mentions that the sages at Mithrava may have more insight into the ecosystem problems but Kiiran Dals scoffs at the idea, explaining how the sages are hermits that believe in isolating themselves from modern thought.

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