Location: Milky Way / Exodus Cluster / Asgard System / Terra Nova

Prerequisite: Bring Down the Sky (Mass Effect)

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X57 is a metallic asteroid, originally located at the trailing Lagrange point of the gas giant Borr. With the increased development on Terra Nova, a new orbital port facility was necessary. Due to a shortage of funding, it was decided to 'mine out' X57, using the recovered resources to finish out the interior for habitation. The asteroid was decelerated from Borr's orbit using fusion torches, allowing it to fall into the orbit of Terra Nova.

Recently, communications with the engineering team on X57 have been lost. The fusion torches have reignited, and the asteroid is accelerating towards Terra Nova.

Aftermath Edit

After Bring Down the Sky is complete, Asteroid X57's Galaxy Map description changes to:

“Asteroid X57 has been brought under control. Once repairs are complete, the asteroid will be carefully maneuvered into geosynchronous orbit around Terra Nova. Though the batarian terrorists have destroyed several months of work, experts predict it can still open for business before the end of 2184.”

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Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Fusion torch.
2 Initial Fusion torch. Simon Atwell warns Shepard that it is surrounded by blasting caps that are effectively anti-tank mines, so it has to be approached on foot.
3 Initial Fusion torch.
4 Initial Main transmitter. When repaired, displays survey stations on the area map.
5 Discovery Main Facility. The underground headquarters for the mining and engineering crew, consisting of several offices, a central hub and a medical room. The facility cannot be entered without a pass card, and the batarians have changed the entrance codes. A pass card can be acquired from Charn.
6 Discovery Survey Station 1

“Survey Station 1 Recording
Logged by C. Hymes

This is Dr. Hymes. They've found me, damned batarians. I can hear them outside prowling around. ...They're attaching something to the door. If I don't make it tell my family I—”

Body of C. Hymes

“This body has severe burns and shows signs of major concussive trauma. Mercifully, the explosion would have killed her instantaneously.”

7 Discovery Survey Station 2

“Survey Station 2 Final Entry
Logged by Chief Surveyor R. Montoya

Communications are down and there are non-corporate drop ships landing near the main facility. There were flashes of light over the horizon. I can't be certain, but I'd guess it's heavy arms fire. As per emergency protocol, I'm arming the defense drones. I'm not waiting for my pickup; I'm going to investigate.”

8 Discovery Body of R. Montoya

“It looks like he died from a single shot through his helmet, likely from a sniper. Whoever killed him didn't even bother to search his body; there's still equipment in his service pack.”

9 Discovery Survey Station 3

“Survey Station 3 Final Entry
Logged by Engineer G. Mendel

The central transmission tower is on the fritz again. No one ever listens to my warnings about single points of failure. I'm surprised our surface comms work half as well as they do. When Slajs shows up to relieve me, I'll go see if I can get the old girl back up and running.”

Body of G. Mendel

“This victim was badly beaten before being killed with a pistol shot to the back of the head at close range. It's likely he surrendered, only to be executed by his sadistic captors.”

10 Discovery Vehicle wreckage. Body of T. Slajs and salvage.

“The scorching on this victim's hardsuit suggests he escaped the burning interior of his vehicle only to be gunned down by his assailants.”

11 Discovery X57 Radio. First examination yields:

“This computer is filled with operation logs and personal journals for a small pirate music station operated by X57's engineers. It includes scripts for several promotional messages, none of which appear to have been recorded.”

  • Radio X57: Rocking This Rock Since 2182
  • Radio X57: When Your World Seems Hollow, We Help You Touch the Sky
  • Radio X57: Talk Hard
  • Radio X57: Your Last, Best Hope for ROCK within 300,000 Kilometers

Subsequent examination yields:

“You notice an open text file, the personal journal of the station operator. It reads in part: "Project director wants to shut us down. Says our music is too 'extreme', that we're inciting the younger workers to riot and sleep with aliens. I asked him if he'd listened to us. He said he'd talked to someone who'd heard about what we play."”

(Note that this may require several re-examinations.)

12 Discovery Construction camp. Several fuel tanks nearby.

“The computer lists a complete cargo manifest of the containers outside. It is mostly uninteresting – excavation equipment and parts for prefabricated work shacks. A footnote catches your eye: 'Explosives moved to grid reference 32-4-16 for safety.'”

13 Discovery Explosives cache. Full of grenade storage boxes.

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Trivia Edit

  • The slogans found at X57 Radio reference classic sci-fi series' Star Trek and Babylon 5. One of them, "When Your World is Hollow, We Help You Touch the Sky" refers to the classic Star Trek episode For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky, about a hollow asteroid serving as a generation ship for a group of colonists that is inadvertently set on a course to impact a human colony.
  • Your Last, Best Hope for ROCK within 300,000 Kilometers," references the motto of the titular Babylon 5 station, "The last, best hope for peace."
  • The slogan "Talk Hard," references Pump Up The Volume, a movie about a student operating a pirate radio station.
  • The project director's complaint in the PC version is likely an allusion to the 'sex scene controversy', wherein author Cooper Lawrence made several false allegations regarding the game's sex scene, and the possible negative effects it could have on its target audience. When asked if she had ever played the game, she emphatically said no. When she later recanted her accusations, she claimed she had asked a third party to describe the content of the game to her.
  • The name of the tech R. Montoya may be a reference to Inigo Montoya of the Princess Bride: a combination of his father's name with his father's killers name. Alternatively, it could refer to DC Comics' The Question, Renee Montoya.
  • G. Mendel is likely a reference to the father of modern genetics Gregor Mendel.
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