MSV Strontium Mule
The Athabasca Class is a class of large freighter of human origin. Externally, this freighter class's configuration may be mistaken for the smaller Kowloon Class freighters. However, the Athabasca Class freighter is a multi-level voluminous starship. The Athabasca Class freighter is lightly armored and lacks armaments, and can be attacked and boarded very quickly. This freighter class is equipped with a self-destruct device and a black box.

Unlike the smaller Kowloon Class freighters, the internal arrangement of Athabasca Class freighters differs from ship to ship. The freighter's bridge is located on the upper level and is positioned forward of the engine core and cargo holds. This engine core is a two level room housing four reactors and an engineering console. Access to the ship's interior is through airlocks and an emergency airlock located in the main cargo hold.

At the Memories of Illium, on Illium, a scale model of the Athabasca Class freighter is available for sale.

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  • Athabasca is the Anglicized form of the Cree name for Lake Athabasca in Canada. The name means "[where] there are plants one after another".