An asari in the Presidium Commons needs a statue from the Hesperia period to help with Crucible research. Find one in the Athena Nebula and deliver it to her.

Alternative journal entry:
A statue from the asari Hesperia period was recovered from the Athena Nebula. Find someone on the Citadel who can use it.

Acquisition Edit

Listen in on the asari scientist sitting at the Bank area of the Presidium Commons. You will find her only after you stop Udina's coup.

Alternatively, a Search and Rescue operation in the Athena Nebula will yield the statue and this mission's journal entry. In this case it is labeled Citadel: Hesperia Period Statue.

Walkthrough Edit

Hesperia statue asari
Scan the gas giant Polissa in the Vernio system of the Athena Nebula to find the statue. Once acquired, deliver it to the asari.

You will gain 5 Reputation, 15,000 credits and an update to the Alliance Engineering Corps War Asset.

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