Disambiguous This article is about the main Cerberus station on Aite. For the Cerberus mech in Mass Effect 3, see Atlas.
ME2 overlord - atlas
Atlas Station is part of a series of Cerberus research facilities on the planet Aite devoted to Project Overlord.

The station is the main laboratory where all Project Overlord experiments take place, and where the rogue VI resides.

After overriding the lockdowns at Prometheus Station and Vulcan Station, Shepard gains access to the station. After accessing the station, Dr. Gavin Archer tells Shepard that the VI is trying to upload itself from the station. After Shepard and the squad stop it, the VI infects Shepard's omni-tool and cybernetic implants, sending the Commander into Virtual Reality.

Shepard still manages to fight to the VI, but the VI attempts to upload itself to the Normandy. Shepard manages to destroy it, but then discovers what exactly has been going on at Project Overlord. David Archer was forcibly fused with the VI, and it overwhelmed him. He just wanted it all to stop. After making a moral choice concerning the future of the project and David, Shepard leaves the planet.

Trivia Edit

  • Given the apparent naming scheme of the stations on Aite (named after figures from Greco-Roman mythology), Atlas Station is likely named after Atlas, a Titan in Greek mythology who was forced by the gods to hold up the sky on his shoulders.