August Bradley is the mayor assigned to Prodromos, on the planet Eos. A former Alliance military officer, August is happy to have some independence from direct oversight as the leader of the first successful settlement of the Andromeda Initiative. August is assisted by Majordomo Bell-Scott. August is located near the center of the settlement in front of the southern shuttle landing pad.


August left behind a niece on planet Earth. He doesn't say much about the loss, but he does reveal that he did not leave on good terms with his family.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

After Pathfinder Ryder activates the Remnant vault on Eos, August leads the third wave of settlers to colonize Eos, either establishing a military or scientific outpost.

When Liam Kosta requests August's aid in finding the angara Verand, which leads the Pathfinder into a derelict kett dreadnought run by an angaran pirate named Calot of Talon Wing. August leads a squadron of shuttles to aid the squad by initiating a power surge on the dreadnought that messed with its artificial gravity and hacking its computer systems. By the end, August helped rescue Verand and several Initiative captives and prepares to take them to Prodromos, unless Ryder decides to hold Verand.


  • He has special dialogue should Ryder speak to him wearing the N7 armor.
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