Avitus Rix is a turian ex-Spectre who was handpicked to join the Andromeda Initiative by Pathfinder Macen Barro as his second-in-command. Avitus served the Citadel Council for 15 years as a Spectre before retiring. His main reason for his resignation was due to Saren Arterius's betrayal, as he was the one who recruited him to the Spectres in the first place.

Ark Natanus suffers catastrophic damage soon after arriving in the Heleus Cluster, forcing many of the colonists to evacuate in escape pods. Avitus Rix is part of a group of turians who land on Havarl and cobble together a small camp. Avitus helps defend the camp from frequent Roekaar attacks.

The Pathfinder Ryder can convince Avitus to comply with Macen Barro's last request which is to take up the role of Turian Pathfinder after his death. A grief counselor is then assigned to him upon his arrival at the Nexus, but Avitus never shows up at his sessions.

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