Axius is a gang leader on Elaaden.

According to scavenger McCrone, Axius allegedly leads the meanest gang of Outlaws on Elaaden. His group raids other scavengers, leaves no survivors, and takes anything of value. Due to his exploits he has multiple bounties over his head.

On one such raid Axius took a thruster/catalyzer from scavengers who bartered the part from Andromeda Initiative scientist Nora Tallis. Pathfinder Ryder can take the device from Axius' base on Paradise Sands and return it to the scientist, invariably following a firefight that kills the turian and his group.

Despite being labeled "not a talker" by McCrone, Axius frequently voices his thoughts over open comms.

Capabilities Edit


Axius is armed with the M-23 Katana and can throw Omni Grenades.


Axius is armored and has access to tech armor.

Tactics Edit

  • Axius is basically just a named Anarchist and has inherited its strengths and weaknesses.
  • He is surrounded by a bunch of Adhi which usually leave him quickly to engage hostiles.
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