Location: AndromedaHeleus ClusterOnaon System Third planet

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Aya is a small and lush tropical world. Its unique position, hidden by both the Scourge and Heleus's black hole, has allowed it to go undetected by the kett.

ALERT: Aya is a sovereign world of the angara. All Initiative personnel must conform to early contact protocols.

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Codex MEA - Aya
Aya is an anomaly in the Heleus Cluster: a lush planet where a Remnant site appears to be active. It is a sanctuary for the angara, the only known sentient species local to Heleus, and guarded fiercely against outsiders. This is helped by Aya's position relative to Heleus' black hole, whose gravitational lensing effect makes Aya harder to detect. The Scourge also makes the approach to Aya extremely dangerous for untrained pilots. Scans indicate numerous kett wrecks lost in the Scourge nearby, picked clean by angaran salvagers.

Aya is also the headquarters of the Angaran Resistance movement against the kett, whose leaders advise Aya's planetary governor, Paaran Shie. Director Tann has ordered that Aya is not only to be considered sovereign territory, but a military power. While the Tempest and its crew were allowed to visit peacefully, the Nexus is advising extreme caution to other potential visitors, and ordering the distribution of "early contact" guidelines.

With relations warming between the Initiative and the angara, diplomatic overtures continue. The Initiative is opening an embassy on Aya with Paaran Shie's approval, while extending invitations to angaran diplomats and scientists to tour the Nexus. Our Cultural Exchange is beginning several cooperative programs intended to foster better understanding between the various Milky Way species and the angara.

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Name Description Associated Missions
Andromeda Initiative Embassy This is the Initiative's Embassy on Aya and supports cooperation between the Initiative and angaran society. Task: The Angaran Initiative
Task: The Nexus Exchange
The Vesaal
Docks This is the landing zone for the Tempest on Aya. A Trail of Hope I
A Trail of Hope II
Movie Night: Snacks
Movie Night: The Right Setup
Recovering the Past
Safe Journeys
Task: Messages to the Nexus
Task: Outpost Supplies on Elaaden
Task: Outpost Supplies on Eos
Task: Outpost Supplies on Kadara
Task: Outpost Supplies on Voeld
Task: The Nexus Exchange
Trading Favors
Governor's Office Location of the government on Aya. Task: Laws and Customs
Task: Messages to the Nexus
Infirmary The medical center on Aya. Task: Outpost Supplies on Kadara
The Search for Ljeta
Marketplace A location with multiple shops and merchants on Aya. Liam Kosta: Day out on Aya
Task: Laws and Customs
Task: Local Cuisine
Task: Messages to the Nexus
Task: Outpost Supplies on Eos
Task: The Nexus Exchange
Task: The Witnesses
Memorial Gardens A beautiful garden for rest and relaxation on Aya. Task: Local Cuisine
Task: The Witnesses
Moshae Sjefa's Laboratory This is Moshae Sjefa's laboratory on Aya. Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe?
Repository of History The museum with exhibits on Aya. Forgotten History
Peebee: The Museum Trip
Recovering the Past
Task: The Nexus Exchange
Resistance Headquarters Headquarters for the entire Angaran Resistance. A Trail of Hope I
Hunting the Archon
Task: Laws and Customs
Task: Messages to the Nexus
The Vesaal
The Tavetaan The local Aya equivalent of a bar. A gathering place for people. Liam Kosta: Day out on Aya
Task: Local Cuisine
Task: Messages to the Nexus

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The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired on Aya:

The following Allies and Relationships missions take place or are acquired on Aya:

The following Heleus Assignments missions take place or are acquired on Aya:

The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired on Aya:

Datapads Edit

Translated from Shelesh:

My love,

I never planned to leave. Each moment I spent with you only brought me joy, even though you've never understood what you mean to me. There were moments I could have shown you how I really feel, but I wasn't brave enough. Not that you could have accepted me. Now I have to go, and I don't think I'm coming back.

I hope for a day when we owe nothing to anyone. I dream of a moment when we find each other again and claim the lives we always should have led.

--The message ends here--

Ruins from Daar Kulmaal
Translated from Shelesh:

This fragment is from a wall of the governor's public residence on Voeld, which was destroyed by kett bombardment during the initial invasion. The governor, all staff, and most of her immediate family were all killed in the blast. When Voeld stands liberated, this relic will form the cornerstone of a monument to those who gave their lives defending our home.

The following datapad is found in multiple locations:

The Resistance Needs Volunteers
Translated from Shelesh:

The kett have felt the power of the Resistance, and they know their end is coming. Our victories on Voeld are only the beginning of what we can achieve, but we can't defeat the enemy without your help. If you're tired of living in fear, if you believe we were meant for something greater than slavery, if you're willing to stand up and fight: you'll find a new family in the Resistance. We'll train you to strike back at the kett and reclaim what is ours.

The Resistance defends the future of all angara. Join us.

Located in the Governor's Office and related to Task: Laws and Customs:

Charter Governing Citizens of Aya, Revised
Translated from Shelesh:

"As defined by the first founders of Aya, this world and all who live on it agree to abide by the laws, customs, and regulations of a civilized society that has existed for centuries on other worlds. These rules of conduct ensure a voice for each family within our society and gives them certain inviolable rights..."

Page 1 of 5,983

Located on a plaque in the Memorial Gardens:

Memorial Garden Dedication
Translated from Shelesh:

We rose from nothing to touch the stars. Made homes on many worlds.
Do not mourn what the kett stole from us. Celebrate what still remains.
All things reach their end and make way for new life to fill the void.
The worlds and people we lose will return in time. Family grows forever.

We dedicate this garden to those who are not here with us, but who will one day return. This place is for them.

Located in Mosahe Sjeta's Laboratory:

Notes: Moshae Sjefa
Translated from Shelesh:


After years of staring at these vault plans, so much of it still remains a mystery. Not that we haven't tried. Still, after what happened, maybe it's best to leave the vault alone now.

We've spent so long on Aya striving to learn whatever we can about the Remnant and their amazing constructs. I see our future in these Remnant plans. Call it intuition, scientific intuition if you will, but I've marked it down here for posterity. We'll see what unfolds.

Notes regarding Exaltation
Translated from Shelesh:

The question isn't how the kett genetically modify us, but why. If Exaltation is their reproductive process, kett are a model of inefficiency. If they can transform one lifeform into something so radically different, then surely the kett must also be capable of creating clones. Wouldn’t that provide more satisfactory results, especially for such a xenophobic culture?

The goal of incorporating useful genetic material from other species into baseline kett genetic material doesn't fully explain the level of effort they expend. Exaltation is a lengthy and labor-intensive activity. What I witnessed at the facility didn’t feel like mass-production. It was almost religious.

There's so much about our enemy I need to understand.

Located in the Repository of History:

Checking in
Translated from Shelesh:


You wouldn't believe all that's happened since Pathfinder Ryder landed on Aya. I'm sure you know about the Moshae's rescue, but I suspect you've only heard the official version. Evfra and his Resistance like to claim credit for bringing her home, but I know for a fact they never could've accomplished it without the Pathfinder. People fear these new aliens will turn out to be like the kett. Don't listen to them. I feel in my spirit they've come to help, and you know I'm always right about these things.

I wish you could see some of the interesting relics we've found on Havarl and elsewhere. I'll bring images next time I visit. Also, I'm not seeing Aatu anymore. It was nothing particular that ended things. We're just too different. Don't worry—my work still brings me all the happiness I need.

- Avela

Located in the Resistance Headquarters and related to Task: Laws and Customs:

On the Proper Conduct of War Against the Kett
Translated from Shelesh:

"Though we face an enemy that will not stop until our entire civilization ceases to exist, it's important we not abandon the principles of basic morality. The kett must be defeated, but not at any cost. It won't matter if our future generations can live without fear of death or enslavement, if that freedom was achieved through genocide or other barbaric crimes..."

Page 1 of 241

Located under the Mural at the entrance to the Memorial Gardens:

Translated from Shelesh:

A team of artists from each of our homeworlds - Aya, Voeld, and Havarl - worked together to create this mural. It depicts the centuries of hardship we endured as a result of the Scourge, but also the reunion of our people to build a strong, resilient society.

Terminals Edit

Translated from Shelesh:

Reports continue of hostile activity by scavengers and raiders throughout the Elaaden system sector. All spacecraft are advised to avoid traveling via established routes, as these seem to be well-known to the attackers. Please contact the Port Captain for updated safe navpoints through the Scourge.

As an additional precaution, do not share your travel itinerary or navpoint route with anyone who doesn't need to know, for your protection and theirs.

Located on Holographic message terminals:

Aya Information Bulletin - Update 4598-A
Translated from Shelesh:


Voeld's people desperately need basic supplies. If your family can spare nutrient paste, unused clothing, outdoor survival gear, machine parts, tools, extra weapons, and ammunition, it could make the difference between life and death for those resisting the kett conquest. Place donated items in the nearest Victory Drive Station of your residential complex.


The rumors are true. Our beloved Moshae Sjefa has been rescued from the kett by brave members of the Resistance, aided by the Milky Way visitors. The Moshae is recovering and in good spirits.


You may see unusual visitors on Aya in the days ahead. Don't be alarmed. They're here as guests. Remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to Aya security, but do not attempt to confront or restrain anyone yourself.

Aya Information Bulletin - Update 5013-C
Translated from Shelesh:


The volcanic mineral springs at Daar Vreja have been declared safe and are now open to the public during daylight hours. Bathers are encouraged to spend no more than two hours in the springs to alleviate the expected demand.


As an equinox approaches, Aya will soon transit away from its sun for a cycle. Tomorrow night, families are encouraged to celebrate this moment. Remind your loved ones of all you have. Make room at the meal table for those without family of their own. Never forget that the sun always returns to us.


Famous musician and humorist Loa ve Teraava will perform his acclaimed soliloquy and original composition "The Farmer of Havarl" to raise funds for scientific research of our original homeworld's fragile ecosystem.

Aya Information Bulletin - Update 6147-B
Translated from Shelesh:


Recent victories on Voeld have spurred renewed public interest in joining the Resistance. Volunteer sign-ups increased 500% over last year. Evfra de Tershaav encourages everyone, regardless of age, talents, or experience, to submit to a Resistance recruitment screening.


Archaeologists working on a dig site on Havarl's unsettled southern continent were forced to abandon their camp when a freak tendril of Scourge energy pierced the atmosphere above their location. No injuries were reported, but the team leader stated the group "lost years of research" in the event.


Cargo ship and transport vessel crews are reminded that Kadara Port remains a high-risk travel zone. No official business has been sanctioned with the deserters, and contact with the Milky Way immigrants living on Kadara is strongly discouraged.

Aya Information Bulletin - Update 7832-E
Translated from Shelesh:


Resistance scouts on Voeld report a kett attack on Daar Hiljaav has left the settlement in ruins. Exact casualties are still being calculated. If you are from Daar Hiljaav or have family there, please contact Enroh Bosaan in the governor's office.


Teams researching food processing discovered an improvement to refinery techniques that will yield a 15% increase in caloric values and better preservation of the original ingredients' flavors.


In answer to persistent public inquiries regarding the health and status of Moshae Sjefa, she has released the following statement: "Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern for my well-being. Rest assured, I am currently hard at work with the Milky Way visitors to eliminate the kett threat and restore peace to our people."

Aya Information Bulletin - Update 8519-J
Translated from Shelesh:


Members of the Elgaar and Jaess bloodlines have announced they are joining. The union has occurred because of marriage between sons from each family. The families express great happiness at this joining and are consulting on an inclusive name for their newly extended bloodlines.


The Nexus ambassador has announced the delivery of two gifts to Aya. The first is a cultural and historical exhibit of artifacts from the Milky Way galaxy. The second gift is one of the "omni-tool" devices used by the Pathfinder, which we have been encouraged to develop for our own use.


The governor's office reminds Aya's citizens and visitors that we're entering the cycle of each year when weather patterns become unpredictable. Take precautions against the possibility of sudden and severe storms.

Citizen Messages to the Nexus
Compiled logs of citizens' messages uploaded at the Aya Docks. For the Pathfinder's eyes only.

Messages to the Nexus
Translated from Shelesh:

Subject: Why are you here?

What impulse drove your people to cross darkspace? What have you come here for? Do you expect us to believe you're just explorers who want to live in peace? I think you fled something terrible. I think it might follow you here.

Subject: Questions

Which one of your species actually controls this so-called "Initiative"? Are you even different species, or just genetic constructs customized to fill different roles? Why do you all walk on two legs, like us? Is it so we'd accept you? What did you look like before you crossed darkspace?

Subject: Keep off Havarl

When I heard you were granted permission to land on Havarl, I filed a complaint with Governor Shie. That world is one of our most sacred places, and it is not for outsiders. Even the kett keep their distance, because they know we'll fight to the death to protect it. Anyone who defiles Havarl will face consequences.

Subject: Share your gifts

You built ships to travel across darkspace. Show us how to make them and let us retrace your path. There are no kett where you came from. We have a generation facing extinction, but you could help us go where the enemy won't follow. We've suffered enough. Give us hope for a better life.

Citizen Messages to the Nexus
Compiled logs of citizens' messages uploaded in the Aya Marketplace. For the Pathfinder's eyes only.

Messages to the Nexus
Translated from Shelesh:

Subject: Thank you

I remember the first time I met the Moshae. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. She has done so much for our people. When the rumors began that she'd been caught by the kett--and worse, killed--I lost hope for our future. You restored it. I don't care what anyone says. I believe you came to save us.

Subject: Go home

This is not your galaxy. You don't belong here. Anyone who thinks you're different from the kett is a fool. I see you for what you are, and there are many more like me.

Subject: None

If you come in peace and friendship, paavoa. If your hearts are filled with deceit, you will die. That is all you need to know.

Subject: Paavoa

My name is Vjaka. My family said I could write to you. I've never met an alien before, but I'd like to meet you. I think we can be friends.

Citizen Messages to the Nexus
Compiled logs of citizens' messages uploaded at the Tavetaan. For the Pathfinder's eyes only.

Messages to the Nexus
Translated from Shelesh:

Subject: Let there be unity

Before the Scourge, angara were one people. It took centuries after that disaster to find each other again, and by then we'd been divided too long. That's how the kett were able to conquer us. The war forced us back together, but now you've upset the balance. Some don't trust you. Others want you to save us. Divisions are forming. If you're really here to help, keep our people united.

Subject: Paavoa and isharay to you all

I'm writing this in my final days. I've lived a long life that now comes to its natural end. I've known great loss and pain, but also joy and hope. I think we have that in common. My fate is to leave at a turning point in history. Part of me is angry I won't see what happens next, but I've made my peace.
Whatever becomes of your people, mine, and the kett will reverberate into the lives of my great-grandchildren, and that gives me strange comfort. I know there's more to this life than war and hardship, and I've seen enough to know your people understand that too.
Be well. Take care of each other. Change life for the better.

Subject: We wish you peace and good fortune

Don't be deceived by the violent posturing of Evfra de Tershaav and his Resistance. We are not a violent people. We're scientists, inventors, artists, caretakers, and explorers. This is our home, but there is room enough for us all. We told the kett the same thing, but they didn't listen. We hope you do.

Subject: No one will read this

This message will never be read by the Pathfinder, much less reach the Nexus. We're so desperate for allies against the kett that we're willing to make the same mistake with new aliens. This little stunt by the governor won't change anything. We may as well be screaming into the wind.

Resistance Messages to the Nexus
Compiled log of Resistance members' messages uploaded at the Angaran Resistance Headquarters. For the Pathfinder's eyes only.

Messages to the Nexus
Translated from Shelesh:

Subject: Join our fight

You proved you can fight the kett on Voeld. The Resistance doesn't impress easily. Stand with us. Together, we will take this war to the enemy's home. We'll make them feel terror. We'll show them despair. We will break the kett, and when that's done, we'll share the rewards of victory.

Subject: Are you at war with each other?

We've seen members of your species act with violence, greed, and selfishness. We've found evidence of your people attacking and stealing from one another. Why do you hurt each other, when only the kett stand to gain? If our people are slow to trust you, it's because we can't understand why some of you seem determined to hurt others. Even the kett stand united in their cause. Why don't you?

Subject: We have much to learn

I've spent my life wondering what other beings might exist. Your people are nothing like what I imagined, and I'm glad for that. I thought I was long past being surprised in life. My sons and daughters draw pictures of you and ask me all sorts of questions. They want to know everything about you. We hope you feel the same way. There's so much we can teach each other.

Subject: I believe in our future

Help arrives when you least expect it, and your arrival was unexpected. You came to Aya wounded and in need, and we didn't welcome you. You went to our other worlds and helped our people overcome terrible challenges with no promise of reward or friendship. You wouldn't do that if there wasn't a goodness at your core. You want to understand and be understood. This is the start of a great alliance.

Translated from Shelesh:

Looking for a Level 7 starship engineer. Experience repairing and maintaining Varlstedd-Juuv thrusters is required. Will work for extended travel periods lasting up to 6 weeks or more. Basic zero-gravity combat training preferred, but can be learned on the job. Meal prep skills and an engaging conversation style a plus. MUST BE CLEAN.

Submit applications to Captain Saamajer at Dock 3.

Terminal in the Governor's Office:

Translated from Shelesh:

Personal meeting notes of Governor Paraan Shie:

V: Wants to open southern valley region to development, with goal to provide refugees with permanent homes.

K: Believes we're already at risk of overcrowding and harming local ecosystem. Votes to use land strictly for food production.

M: Proposes compromise solution to construct orbital habitats using Nexus technology. Refugees would rotate between Aya's surface and orbital habitats using lottery system.

E: Disagrees with accepting Initiative help and especially tech. Points out the black hole will make orbital construction projects difficult, and may attract notice of kett patrols.

Final vote delayed to Novoa Bav.

We need a better home for our people. Voeld is fallen. Havarl remains unstable, and Aya is too small to support all of us. Is Kadara Port an option? Do we even dare attempt reconciliation?

Proposed amendment to Statute J-34771
Translated from Shelesh:


The recent creation of an alien embassy and permission for non-angara to enter Aya's city has created numerous potential conflicts with our governing laws. One particular area of concern is in the resolution of such disputes. These aliens are not citizens of Aya, and therefore do not possess any legal rights or responsibilities. More importantly, we can't enforce punitive measures on them for violating our laws. It's impractical to grant all of these individuals diplomatic immunity. Sooner or later, this legal murkiness will become a significant problem, and I would prefer we clarify our position now.

Please review my attached document. It's slightly under 300 pages and not as thorough as I'd like, but I believe it represents a good start. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Arbiter Ohmdaal

Translated from Shelesh:


I'm having dinner at the usual place this evening. My security detail will provide maximum privacy. Hope to see you. We have a lot to discuss.

- Evfra

Terminal located in the Port Captain's office on the Docks:

Cargo Manifest VEJ-97335
Translated from Shelesh:

The following items are cleared for immediate shipment to Voeld:
- 3 crates solar heater replacement parts, mixed
- 4 cases freeze-dried nutrient paste
- 2 crates GD-75 ammunition, explosive rounds
- 6 crates reinforced heat-retaining synthetic fabric

This item has been quarantined, pending Port Captain review:
- 3 unmarked cases of marljeh bottles, cask dates unknown

Terminal in the Resistance Headquarters:

Casualty Report: Voeld
Translated from Shelesh:

Severe whiteout conditions have made casualty confirmations difficult. Expect these numbers to be adjusted in the next update. Hopefully, they'll be lower.

Kett ambushed a night patrol in the Lundraan Crevasse: 3 dead, 2 wounded, 1 missing.

Squad missing outside Techiix, presumed captured: 4 missing

Sniper caught in avalanche on southern slope, presumed dead: 1 missing

A shuttle suffered mechanical failure, made hard landing on Steen Ridge: 2 wounded

Argument in the barracks got out of hand: 1 wounded, mostly in his pride

- End report

People are getting nervous
Translated from Shelesh:

Commander de Tershaav,

No one questions your thinking and we all understand that the circumstances we're facing are unprecedented. However, you should know that people are talking in the barracks about these new "Nexus" aliens. Setting aside how they look, smell, and behave, how can we be expected to trust these things with access to our most secure world?

On behalf of my unit, we submit that this so-called "Pathfinder crew" shouldn't be permitted to roam the city without an escort. We're keeping close watch on them (don't worry, we're not letting them see us), but it would be easier if we could assign a guard to each visitor whenever they're on Aya. We hope you'll consider this option.


Recruitment efforts: Kadara Port
Translated from Shelesh:

Things are as bad as we thought. The deserters don't care about anyone but themselves. Recruitment efforts have found zero traction. Ironically, we've had better luck gaining support from the new aliens. A small group pledged to support the Resistance and alert us to future kett activities on Kadara. It seems unlikely the enemy would give up on the planet so easily, but maybe the presence of these new aliens has confused them.

Regardless, I recommend we abandon recruitment efforts and instead focus on infiltration of the local population using deep-cover agents. I'll submit a list of candidates in my next report.

- Raske

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