Prerequisite: Priority: Rannoch or Citadel: Leviathan I (Mass Effect 3)

Balor is a red dwarf star. It produces a weak solar output; however, during solar flares, the luminosity of this star can double or triple. Balor may be named after a king of the Fomorians in Irish mythology, and several of the system's planets are also named after figures from the Irish Mythological Cycle. Balor is a gateway system.

Balor fits the description of a flare star, a class of red dwarf stars that also includes the Sun's nearest two stellar neighbors, Proxima Centauri and Barnard's Star.

Regardless of previous flight path, the Normandy SR-2 always ends up in this system immediately following the conclusion of the mission aboard the Collector Ship.

Note: Caleston Rift is automatically available after Priority: Rannoch. If Mass Effect 3: Leviathan is installed, Balor can be accessed much earlier, but travel to Aysur is still restricted in this case. Scanning Caleston before even stopping by Dr. Bryson's Lab will break story immersion as the resulting information is something introduced only upon formally starting the Leviathan mission chain.

Fuel depot Edit

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Mass relay Edit

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Bres Edit

Bres is the second planet orbiting the star Balor.

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Caleston Edit

Caleston is a moon orbiting the planet Cernunnos.

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Cernunnos is the first planet orbiting the star Balor.

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Elatha Edit

Elatha is the third planet orbiting the star Balor.

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Fomor Belt Edit

An asteroid belt between the orbits of Bres and Elatha.

Partholon Edit

Partholon is the fourth planet orbiting the star Balor.

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