Location: Milky WayNubian ExpanseDakka System First planet

Prerequisite: Jack: Subject Zero (Mass Effect 2)
Prerequisite: Priority: Thessia (Mass Effect 3)


Bannik is a large superterrestrial "hothouse" with a crushing carbon dioxide atmosphere. A high average density of over seven grams per cubic centimeter indicates that Bannik is a mineralogical treasure trove. If only there were some way to safely reach its seas of molten metal and lodes of radioactives. The planet's mass is so great that trace amounts of helium and molecular hydrogen can be found in the atmosphere.

Mineral DepositsEdit

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium High 18,700
Platinum Medium 9,500
Iridium Medium 7,900
Element Zero None 0


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