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Disambiguous This article is about the corporation. For the Illium store in Mass Effect 2, see Baria Frontiers (shop).

Baria Frontiers is a corporation which specializes in selling star charts. There is a Baria Frontiers kiosk outside the police station on Illium where Shepard can purchase star charts, which add new star clusters to the Galaxy Map aboard the Normandy SR-2. Baria Frontiers also has an office in the Dracon Trade Center.

A Baria Frontiers representative is located near the store kiosk and is possibly involved with a contract dispute with the colonists on Feros. The Baria Frontiers representative, Erinya, is in possession of a contract that takes advantage of colonists. She initially refuses to amend the advantageous contract on the grounds that she dislikes aliens. The representative's dislike stems from her bondmate dying on the quarian homeworld during the geth uprising and from her daughters (one who worked in the embassy, and one who worked as a greeter for the consort) being killed during the Battle of the Citadel. Depending on Shepard's actions, Erinya can back down and send out new contracts saying that there is enough suffering in the galaxy without her adding to it.

After Shepard gives Liara some intel about the Shadow Broker, courtesy of Cerberus Information Processing, Liara will tell Shepard to meet her later in her apartment while she goes and checks a few things. after arriving at Liara's apartment, and investigating her near assassination with Spectre agent Tela Vasir, they will discover that Liara went to the Baria Frontiers office to get the Shadow Broker's location. Upon arriving at the Dracon Trade Center, a massive explosion rips through the Baria Frontiers office. Shepard then runs to the office, only to find that Liara signed in just a few minutes ago. The Commander and Vasir subsequently fight through the office, while attempting to be killed by the Shadow Broker's Private Army to stop them from getting to Liara.

Upon reaching the room where Liara was meeting with her contact Sekat, Shepard finds him dead, while Vasir is standing over him. As the Commander enters, Vasir tells the Commander that if she had only been a few seconds sooner that he might have lived. As Vasir asks if Shepard found Liara's body, she emerges from the shadows and points an M-4 Shuriken at Vasir. She then tells Shepard that it was Vasir who tried to kill her, and at that Shepard and the squad pull their weapons on Vasir. However, Vasir then shatters the glass off the office, during which Liara covers the Squad with a barrier, and Vasir flies out the third-story window, followed closely by Shepard.

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