Disambiguous This article is about the Illium store in Mass Effect 2. For the corporation, see Baria Frontiers.
Illium - baria frontiers
Inventory Item Price / Discounted
Hades Nexus Star Chart 500
Minos Wasteland Star Chart 500
Pylos Nebula Star Chart 500
The Shrike Abyssal Star Chart 500
Baria Frontiers is a location on Illium off of the main trading floor near the taxi port and the Police Station. The store only sells one type of item: star charts to update and complete the Normandy SR-2's Galaxy Map.

Shepard can talk with the store manager Erinya about some contracts involving the Feros colonists. No matter the outcome of that discussion, the price of the star charts will still remain at 500 credits a piece.

The star charts sold at the Baria Frontiers kiosk are useful for allowing further galaxy exploration and the subsequent mining of mineral deposits from rich planets. They are also necessary to access all of the assignments to assist in fighting the Collectors.

Note: In order to conserve credits, one does not need to purchase The Shrike Abyssal Star Chart, as this cluster can be unlocked upon completion of N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay. Furthermore, if the Firewalker Pack is installed, the Hades Nexus Star Chart is rendered obsolete, as the cluster is unlocked as soon as Project Firewalker: Volcano Station is completed.

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