The barn

The Barn is a Cerberus space station located near the planet LV426. The station appears in Mass Effect: Infiltrator where experiments are carried out on humans, aliens, and Reaper technology in order to enhance the performance of weapons and biotics. The station's personnel are under the authority of an individual only referred to as Director. The Barn is Randall Ezno's home base, and where his handler, Inali Renata, works.

The majority of the Barn's test subjects are krogan and asari. The Barn features a hangar bay for ships to dock, a med bay, a comm relay for external communication, a station artificial intelligence referred to as UDI (Ultra Defence Intelligence) and an X1 Wing dedicated to producing the ultimate soldier, X1, which is stored in the Colosseum. The base is well fortified and garrisoned with Assault Troopers, Assault Captains, Centurions, Riot Troopers, Snipers, Engineers, Grad Turrets, Orcus and Ogre Mechs.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator Edit

Sometime in 2186, Randall Ezno returns to the Barn after capturing a valuable turian target. On his arrival, the station is attacked by a group of turian soldiers presumably sent by the Turian Hierarchy.

After defeating the initial invaders, Randall goes rogue upon finding out Inali Renata was conscripted as a subject for experimentation. With the help of an unnamed volus ally, he attempts to contact the Alliance. To create a diversion, the volus hacks UDI and unlocks some strategic cells, allowing the escape of many asari and krogan test subjects. The geth and additional turian forces attack the station as well, effectively transforming the Barn into a war zone.

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