Dirk Barrett is the spokesperson for a trio of exiles on Elaaden.

If Pathfinder Ryder ventures near their refuge by the edge of a giant sinkhole northeast of The Paradise, Barrett identifies via comms as non-hostile and implores the visitors to forego shooting. Barrett is glad Ryder didn't immediately shoot him in the face, although if the Pathfinder didn't actually come to him to talk he and his companions are easily killed in the brief fight.

If Ryder chooses to hear him out, Barrett turns out to be surprisingly level-headed and explains he and his group do not want to die. While most other people in the wasteland will shoot anything that moves (and each other) and have zero long-term prospects for survival, Barrett is willing to be diplomatic and requests the Pathfinder's help in securing his own survival.

If Ryder expresses reservations at helping exiles, Barrett points out they're no threat to the Andromeda Initiative as they're barely surviving themselves. He only wants a self-sufficient community able to defend itself and survive without killing or stealing, and to that end he wants to move to a place more easily fortified than the one they're currently holed in.

Barrett points to a camp 20 clicks west from their position, occupied by a gang that wasn't properly utilizing its resources. The base has an armory with a stockpile of heavy munitions that can be used to attack a colony. If Ryder clears out the base and entrusts Barrett with the munitions, Barrett considers it a fine bonus and bids the Pathfinder safe travels after thanking them; otherwise, he's still grateful for the base although none the wiser about the armory. In any case he rewards the Pathfinder with a container of the stuff they hoarded, and now plans to move into their new home after a day or two once their preparations are complete.

If asked about their circumstances, Barrett reveals he and his companions eventually realized they did not want to live indefinitely by the barrel of a gun - the prevailing mindset on Elaaden. They didn't settle on Kadara because they thought Elaaden was a better choice at the time, and they were bothered by Sloane Kelly encroaching on angaran territory.

Capabilities Edit


Barrett is armed with the M-8 Avenger.


Barrett is unprotected by shields, armor, or barriers.

Tactics Edit

  • Barrett and his companions are essentially trapped in their small metal container and, unless deliberately ignored, won't be able to muster any meaningful offensive against Ryder once combat begins.
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