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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Mass Effect class specialization. For the Mass Effect 2 Biotic Mastery evolution, see Biotic Mastery.
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Bastion is a specialization class for Adepts and Sentinels, with the alternate class options being Nemesis and Medic respectively. Bastions use biotics for defense or for opponent immobilization.

Adept-Bastion characters can use all biotic talents quickly and dynamically, while the alternate Nemesis biotic specialization class is better suited for a purely offensive focus — it may be preferred for Vanguards with their more limited biotic skill set and the ability to fall back on viable weapon and armor abilities.

Bastions are most notable for their Stasis specialization talent. This allows enemies pinned by Shepard's Stasis to still take damage, and makes Stasis' crowd control abilities much more useful at a stroke. A Bastion with this specialization can even immobilize huge enemies like Thresher Maws, allowing them to be taken out at close range. Enemies affected by Shepard's Stasis using this specialization can also be affected by both the damage and damage enhancing effects of Warp.

Talent Level Bonuses[]

Bonus: Reduces recharge time on biotic abilities
Rank Bonus Notes
7 4% Stacks with Adept/Sentinel bonuses.
8 6%
9 8% Barrier Specialization gained:
Increases Barrier's shield strength and duration by 25%.
Barrier will regenerate 40 shields per second.
10 10%
11 12%
12 14% Stasis Specialization gained:
Enemies affected by Stasis can still be damaged.