Brawler tank who locks down enemies and devastates them at melee range.

The Scrapper is one of two batarians who provided evidence against the leader of their former pirate gang. When Alliance protection services failed, the batarians negotiated an asylum deal with the Initiative.

The salarians granted the batarians cryo pods on Ark Paarchero to gain potential security assets. Happy to abandon pirate life, the Scrapper is starting to enjoy fighting for a greater purpose.

The Batarian Scrapper joins the Nexus militia forces during the call from inside APEX missions in Heleus Cluster.

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  • Like the Human Soldier, using Concussive Shot's Rank 4 Repeat Concussion and focusing on Flak Cannon while ignoring Snap Freeze will allow you to ignore weight restrictions while choosing weapons.
  • On the other hand, the Scrapper can focus on Snap Freeze and use Concussive Shot and the Batarian Gauntlet melee attack to detonate your frozen targets. However, both the Asari Adept and Batarian Vanguard are stronger combo detonating characters, and the Human Juggernaut has a better detonating power combined with Snap Freeze.

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