Batarian Troopers are basic grunts of mercenary or terrorist groups. They are usually armed with an assault rifle.

Mass Effect Edit

During the mission to stop batarians from crashing an asteroid into the human colony of Terra Nova, Troopers are deployed all over the asteroid to defend positions both on the exterior and interior of the various facilities. Note that these Troopers carry assault rifles and shotguns.

Tactics Edit

Troopers are usually the first ones into combat but they are also the quickest to ignore or leave cover. Troopers will tend to stay out of cover longer, and pop out more often than any of their fellow soldiers. Troopers also have access to the immunity ability and will use it in combat frequently. Troopers will stay at varying distances from their enemies and will often move from cover to cover to get a better position. They will also try to flank their enemies to put a quick end to the battle.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Batarian Troopers are encountered during the mission N7: Javelin Missiles Launched, and are believed to be batarian terrorists. In many respects they are similar combat-wise to Eclipse and Blue Suns troopers.

Capabilities Edit


Batarian Troopers are armed with M-8 Avenger assault rifles, allowing them to lay down a constant barrage of fire on Shepard's squad, and do not possess any offensive powers.


Batarian Troopers do not have shields on Veteran and below, but gain them on higher difficulties.

Tactics Edit

  • Batarian Troopers only pose a threat because of their numbers during the mission. Picking them off from the safety of cover is a viable strategy, as the mission's time limit is more than sufficient on most difficulties.
  • Additionally, because they're almost always found grouped tightly together in the facility, AoE heavy weapons like the Arc Projector and M-490 Blackstorm are a quick and fun way to dispatch the bulk of them with ease.
  • On Hardcore and Insanity difficulties, Disruptor Ammo and Overload are helpful in breaking a Trooper's shields.
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