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Batarian Vanguard who uses biotics to close in on his opponents and pummel them with devastating melee attacks.

The Vanguard is one of two batarians given asylum on the salarian ark in exchange for helping the Alliance capture their former boss, who led a notorious batarian pirate gang that attacked ships uncomfortably close to the Citadel.

The two batarians were granted passage on the salarian ark in exchange for information and an agreement to provide security for future salarian settlements in Andromeda.

The Batarian Vanguard joins the Nexus militia forces during the along for the ride APEX missions in Heleus Cluster.

Skills and stats

Player Notes

General Notes

  • Another N7 level character focused around a melee weapon, the Batarian Vanguard lives and dies on the ability to use his Batarian Gauntlet to detonate targets primed by his Annihilation field. Charge helps you get into melee range quickly, and should almost always be followed up with a melee attack instead of Flak Cannon or gunfire.
  • A shotgun with a Shotgun Melee Mod attachment can help crack hard targets. The Reegar Carbine is an especially good choice, being both light and suited to close quarters combat. The Talon is a good choice in a Pistol Skirmish round. Siphon weapons are also ideal if you have access to them to keep your Batarian at full health.
  • It may be a good idea to upgrade your Barrier to replenish on melee kills and Annihilation to restore shields when enemies die nearby. Combined with the shield boost from Charge, the Batarian Vanguard should be pretty survivable while mixing it up in melee.


  • As with all characters with Charge, be careful about charging enemies with insta-kill melee moves like the Fiend or Ascendant. Once an Ascendant's shields are down, you can safely charge and melee for a devastating combo that can often finish it off.