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Batarian War Beasts are trained varren used by batarian terrorists and extremists.

Mass Effect

During the assignment to stop batarians from crashing an asteroid into the human colony of Terra Nova, the batarians bring these beasts along to help take over the asteroid and secure their positions. This turned from a simple slave grab into a mission of revenge.


  • Because the War Beasts are exactly like varren, they should approach and be approached as their kindred. They will charge and attempt to bite their opponents.
  • Batarian War Beasts have no shielding but do have a respectable amount of health.
  • Biotics are extremely effective against them, especially when facing several at once. Shotguns are particularly effective at close-range.

Mass Effect 2

Batarian War Beasts also roam prison complexes. Some are encountered on Aratoht during a prisoner extraction assignment.


As with regular varren, Batarian War Beasts use their teeth to rip chunks off enemies.


On higher difficulties, Batarian War Beasts have a layer of armor over their health.


  • These enemies are identical to ordinary varren within Mass Effect 2 and should be handled as such. Do not allow them to get close enough to hit you with their melee attack. You will often encounter them in close quarters on this mission, so special care to eliminate them quickly must be taken.
  • To strip their light armor, Warp, Incinerate, or Incendiary Ammo can be helpful. Without their armor, they become susceptible to attacks such as Throw or Cryo Blast which can remove their capacity to threaten you.