Belan ("Undercurrent") is a garden world colonized by the hanar. The colony is home to both hanar and non-hanar races. This planet is orbited by one moon and the orbital platform Shining Sky. Major cities of Belan include New Plentiful and Whitecap. In early 2185, the planet was devastated by the passing of the extrasolar comet CR1331 Kingu with massive loss of life and destruction of property. Shortly afterwards, the Citadel Council declared a state of emergency which initiated a galactic effort to aid the stricken colony by individuals and organizations.

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  • CR1331 Kingu is named after a ruler of the gods in Babylonian mythology whose blood after his death is used by Marduk in his creation of the human race.
  • It is possible to buy jellyfish from Belan for Shepard's aquarium in the Normandy SR-2.
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