Beniska is a member of the angaran Resistance and lookout on Voeld.

Beniska is stationed at the entrance of the Angaran Resistance Base along with Tseek to act as a lookout and watch the valley for the Resistance on the planet Voeld. It appears that she has a good relationship with Tseek and that she receives packages on a regular basis with food from Aya.

When Beniska encounters Pathfinder Ryder for the first time, she is reluctant to speak with an alien as the last ones she sees were the kett. On the contrary, if Ryder helped the angara on Havarl, she is surprised to be helped by and alien and eager to create bonds with Pathfinder's team.

On the demand of Anjik Do Xeel, Beniska will brief Ryder, along with Tseek, on Voeld's situation and kett's tactics.

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