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Ambassador Dominic Osoba is looking for evidence of his son, lost during a mission on Benning. Find evidence of what happened to his son and return to the ambassador.

Alternative journal entry:
Dog tags for a dead soldier have been recovered from Benning. Return to the Citadel and deliver them to the soldier's spouse or next of kin.


Prerequisite: Priority: Palaven

On your second trip to the Citadel, travel to the Embassies and then immediately head left. Ambassador Osoba can be overheard trying to find information about his missing son. Speak to him and you will find out that his son's squadmates returned from Benning without him but will not talk about what happened, and you can offer to help.

If you didn't speak with the ambassador, picking up the Dog Tag during a Hackett-sanctioned operation on Benning will result in this mission's acquisition. It is alternatively labeled Benning: Dog Tags in the journal entry.


Location of dog tag

During the N7: Cerberus Abductions mission, look for the Dog Tag which is located in the courtyard opposite building number 27, next to the closest square column to building number 22. It is on the ground on the side of the square column that is in the light. Look carefully as they are easily missed.

If you missed the Dog Tag, you can purchase it from the Spectre Requisitions store in the Spectre Office at the Citadel Embassies for 1,000 credits and then present them to Osoba.

Information on Bilal Osoba
Alliance soldier Bilal Osoba, the son of Ambassador Dominic Osoba, is missing in action on Benning and presumed dead. Civilians engaged in black-market trades with occupying Cerberus troops have been able to procure the dog tags of fallen Alliance soldiers, and obtaining proof of Bilal's death would ease his father's mind. To maintain deniability of black-market trafficking, the dog tags should be presented as though the Spectre personally retrieved them from Bilal Osoba's body.

You gain 5 Reputation and 90 experience for completing this mission.

Note: This mission must be completed before launching Priority: Tuchanka as it will be the last opportunity for the player to visit the Citadel before Priority: The Citadel II, after which Ambassador Osoba will no longer be available.


  • On Shepard's visits to the Purgatory nightclub, in the lobby a group of drunk soldiers can be overheard animatedly relating the heroics of their squadmate on a past mission. After the Dog Tag has been delivered to Dominic Osoba, the soldiers raise their glasses to the bravery of their fallen comrade -- who turns out to have been Bilal Osoba. Oddly enough, listening to them talk about his sacrifice is not enough evidence; the mission must be completed and the Dog Tag must be found.