The Berserker is an outlaw unit.

Description Edit

Centuries ago in the Milky Way, krogan berserkers served a key role in the Krogan Rebellions as frontal assault forces that cleared enemy dreadnoughts and besieged fortified positions. The battle cry of the famed Ravank Berserker Company was so distinctive—and psychologically effective—that it was often used in propaganda broadcasts.

Today, krogan who have joined outlaw bands claim to have revived berserker tactics. Wielding powerful flak cannons, they bombard positions to intimidate enemies into breaking their line before closing in. When provoked, a berserker goes into the blood rage that gives them their name, losing higher brain functions and the ability to feel pain while unleashing devastating strikes that can snap an enemy's spine in one blow.

Capabilities Edit

Offensive Edit

They have access to Flak Cannon, the Ruzad shotgun, and a strong melee attack.

Defensive Edit

They are armored.

Tactics Edit

  • Berserkers are most dangerous at close range, so it's advised to keep a distance.
  • Because they are armored, they are vulnerable to Incinerate, Flamethrower, and Incendiary Ammo.
  • The head is their weakpoint.
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