Bio-Converter is an augmentation in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Compatibilities Edit

  • Guns - This augmentation can be applied to gun-type weapons.

Description Edit

When the current ammo clip is empty, drains 5% of health and refills the clip.

Mechanics Edit

Strategies Edit

  • Frequently using the Bio-converter will cause the player to lose health quickly. Not quickly enough to die but quickly.
  • Combines well with weapons like the Remnant P.A.W..
    • The player doesn't have to wait to reload or for the heat to drop. This essentially allows constant laser firing interrupted only by the Bio-converter itself.
  • With the Team Support Rank 6 Life Support choice (which regenerates your health after you use a Tech skill), the player can completely eliminate the Bio-converter's health drain. This augmentation and skill combination is one of the most useful without a downside.

Restrictions Edit

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