Bioelectric Focus is a passive Tech skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer.

Skill Ranks Edit

Lifelong training with the angaran bioeletric ability. Focused on ranged electrical damage and combo detonations.

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Bioelectric Focus Increased power damage and force. +15% Power Damage

+15% Power Force

2 Electric Duration - +30% to all Power Effect Durations
3 Chain Detonation
MEA Primer Electricity icon
Tech Combo detonations now prime enemies in the damage zone.
4 Damage & Force - +35% Power Damage

+35% Power Force

4 Efficiency Improves power recharge speed and power cell capacity. +25% All Power Recharge Speeds

+1 to all Power Cell Capacities

5 Electric Duration Increases power effect durations and Tech Combo detonations damage zone duration. +50% to all Power Effect Durations

+50% Electric Detonation Damage Zone Duration

5 Focused Damage Increases damage to shields and combo detonation damage. +25% Power Damage Bonus to Shields

+50% All Power Combo Damage

6 Retaliation
MEA Primer Electricity icon
Taking damage from a nearby enemy triggers an electric burst that damages shields and synthetics. This will prime one nearby enemy for combo detonations. Only occurs once every 10 seconds.
Retaliation Damage: 150

Retaliation Damage Bonus vs. Shields: 100% Retaliation Damage Bonus vs. Synthetics: 50%

6 Detonation Feedback Killing an enemy with a combo detonation causes all active powers to recharge faster. Power Recharge Time Rebate: 35%

Player Notes Edit

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