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Biotic Ascension is a passive Biotic skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer.

Skill Ranks[]

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Biotic Ascension Accumulate charges by killing enemies. Hold the melee button to consume all charges and activate Biotic Ascension. While ascended, all powers will consume shields but will have no recharge time. Ascension ends when shields drop. Charges Required to Ascend: 6

+100 Damage Resistance While Ascended

2 Biotics - +20% Power Damage

+20% Power Force

3 Improved Electrical Charge - -1 Required Charges to Ascend
4 Power - +25% Power Damage

+25% Power Force

4 Duration - +40% to all Power Effect Durations
5 Exposure Affected enemies with biotics now causes them to take increased damage from all sources. Defense Debuff from Biotic Effects: 30%
5 Combo Detonation - +50% All Combo Damage

+30% All Combo Radiuses

6 Devastating Ascension - +35% Power Damage While Ascended

+35% Power Force While Ascended

6 Efficient Ascension - -2 Required Charges to Ascend

+30 Damage Resistance While Ascended
+40% Power Shield Cost Reduction While Ascended

Player Notes[]

  • Rank 5 Combo Detonation is NOT a detonator. This Rank only increases effects of combo detonations from other sources.
  • Notes about the skill's strategies