Biotic Cultists are human biotics that worship Major Kyle. They will do whatever it takes to protect him. These enemies appear exclusively in the UNC: Major Kyle assignment.

A biotic cult led by Major Kyle has sprung up on the moon of Presrop orbiting the terrestrial planet Klendagon. The Cultists came here looking for a safe heaven to biotics, since humanity still mistrusts them. Major Kyle offered just that, and over time the Cultists came to worship him. Shepard can try to resolve the situation peacefully or simply kill everyone.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • They have three bars of shielding and like with all ME enemies, it will regenerate over time. Some of them can also use Barriers to increase the shielding to six bars. It should be noted that their health won't regenerate, unlike some other enemies.
  • In combat, they will firstly launch Warp to make you or your squadmates more vulnerable, then use Throw to knock you down, allowing them to attack without fear of retaliation. The shotgun-wielding cultists will also employ Carnage against you for extra damage.
  • Damping is very useful against them, as it disables their deadly powers. Sabotage, and, to a lesser extent, Overload, are also helpful. The biotic powers are somewhat less useful, but will still make the fight easier.
  • Radioactive Rounds will give you an edge here by hampering the cultists' abilities. Armor upgrades such as Shock Absorbers or Hardened Weave will also be helpful.
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