Biotic Terrorists are humans who have resorted to terrorism to get results for either political or other reasons. They appear in the assignments UNC: Besieged Base and UNC: Hostage. Terrorists do not possess armor and rely on their biotic powers and pistols to take care of their enemies.

Biotic Terrorists are responsible for two terrorist attacks in 2183 CE. In one case, biotic extremists attacked the MSV Ontario, a private ship belonging to Martin Burns, the chairman for the Alliance Parliamentary Subcommittee for Transhuman Studies. The Subcommittee had denied reparations for L2 biotics that were suffering complications from their implants. A News Story is heard while on the Citadel about the kidnapping.

Terrorists also seized a base belonging to the Sirta Foundation on Chohe. The Terrorists hit the facility with a hallucinogenic drug and are using the scientists as human shields. Admiral Hackett contacts Commander Shepard to ask for help in resolving the situation.

Tactics Edit

  • Biotic Terrorists don't have much in the way of health or shields – two to four bars of shielding depending on location and difficulty level – so taking them down shouldn't be too hard.
  • However, the Terrorists are fond of using their biotic powers to knock you and your squadmates down. They will frequently use their abilities one after the other, so keep in cover to protect yourself from their attacks.
  • Using damping is your best defense against them as this forces a small cooldown period on their abilities, giving you time to take them out. Combining this with sabotage will make them completely defenseless for a short time.
  • Because the Terrorists are armed with only pistols, you don't have to worry too much about them ripping through your shields. However, they will bombard you with warp and throw attacks, which will bypass your shields and damage your health directly.
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