The Blackmailer is a krogan who works for Armistan Banes.

Banes hired the krogan to blackmail Dr. Michel by threatening to unveil her "little secret" unless she forks over some medical supplies. After Dr. Michel tells Shepard about the situation, the Commander may agree to go speak with the doctor's contact, a salarian shopkeeper named Morlan. When Shepard asks Morlan about the doctor, the Blackmailer reveals himself. Shepard can then choose to resolve the situation either peacefully or with gunfire.

Tactics Edit

  • Blackmailer has higher health than humanoid enemies but possesses only two bars of shielding. Like with all Mass Effect enemies, his shielding will regenerate over time. Being a krogan, his health regenerates as well and he will get back up after the first time you kill him. This revival can be prevented by using Chemical, Incendiary or High Explosive Rounds, as they will destroy his body. Killing him while he's in the air (possible with Lift, Throw or Singularity) will also do the trick.
  • As he can only attack at short range, using Throw to keep him away is a good idea. Alternatively, the player can stun him with Neural Shock or simply disable the shotgun with Sabotage (the latter will leave him unable to shoot, since he doesn't carry any sidearms. However, he will still be able to attack you with Berserker Charge.)
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