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The Blaze Hydra is a stronger and more dangerous variant of the Hydra. It is only found on Firebases across the Heleus Cluster and not encountered in any of Pathfinder Ryder's travels.

The Blaze Hydra typically appears as a "boss" target while fighting Outlaws. It has the same armaments and defenses as the baseline Hydra, only it hits harder and is much tougher. It also moves significantly faster especially if it has a target in mind.

In contrast to the predominantly white Hydras, Blaze Hydras arrive in dark red and black, with purple highlights and some markings along its "eye" that seem to be a tally of some kind.

Capabilities Edit


The Blaze Hydra's left arm is a large cannon. In addition to this, it is capable of shooting off a barrage of laser-guided missiles after locking on a target with its tri-laser "eye". Its right arm is a claw capable of grabbing enemies, throwing them, and slamming them into the ground.

The mech prefers to engage in close quarters combat and uses its enhanced agility to quickly close the gap between its prey.


Blaze Hydras are protected by extremely heavy armor.

Tactics Edit

  • Tactics for beating Hydras also apply to Blaze Hydras. However, the mech should be engaged and kept at range at all times since it can close in on a target fast given the chance.
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