The Blood Pack Boom-Squad are vorcha trained for an anti-personnel role in the Blood Pack organization. These individuals are commanded by a squad commander who is answerable to a krogan overseer.

In 2185, Commander Shepard's team fights boom squads around and in Gozu District's main ventilation control room. There is even a brief conversation with a boom squad leader where he reveals the origin of a plague infecting the district, and vorcha plans for the district.

Capabilities Edit


The standard armament of a Boom-Squad member is a missile launcher which they fire once, or twice in rapid succession, before ducking back behind cover.


Like most vorcha, they wear light armor and depend on their natural regenerative abilities during a fight. They also tend to find cover quickly. They'll pop up for a few seconds at a time to shoot missiles.

Tactics Edit

  • Save for the boom squad leader's team members, who fight at the same elevation as Commander Shepard's team, most other boom squads fight at a higher elevation. These squads will fire three or four rounds, reload behind cover, and then reappear to fire again. It is at these moments, when they reappear, that they are most vulnerable to attack. A sniper rifle is a good weapon for killing these squads. Abilities which can arc around cover, such as Pull or Incinerate, work as well.
  • If you can strip these enemies of their armor using a heavy pistol, they make good allies when using Dominate on them. They often take each other out when multiple enemies are standing on a higher elevation.

Trivia Edit

  • In the game universe, it's unusual for organic individuals to be identified as a squad. In this instance, only the vorcha fulfill this position in the organization.
  • An identical enemy type called a Vorcha Heavy appears exclusively in Mordin's recruitment mission and only alongside Blood Pack Boom-Squads. The only notable difference is that a Vorcha Heavy's armor is black instead of the standard red coloration.