The Blood Pack Pyro is a member of the Blood Pack mercenary group armed with a flamethrower. These troops are always vorcha. They are encountered on many worlds and are always accompanied by other vorcha troops and sometimes krogan.



Pyros are relatively non-threatening until they get in range to use their flamethrowers, which can force Shepard or the squad from cover and constantly stagger them, leaving them vulnerable to enemy fire. On harder difficulties, this usually spells death.


They gain a weak layer of armor on Hardcore and Insanity difficulties, and have consistent health regeneration on all difficulties. Pyros may retreat or take cover if their armor is destroyed, and will often use the vorcha special ability to restore their armor.



  • Warp, Incinerate, Reave, Incendiary Ammo will prevent health regeneration.
  • Firing at the Pyro's gas tank with a light weapon will puncture the tank and eventually cause the Pyro to explode. Using a high powered weapon like a Sniper Rifle will cause the Pyro to explode instantly.
  • Biotic powers such as Singularity, Pull and Throw are useful if they get too close, and you need to make a quick kill or get farther away.

Class Specific

Engineers and Sentinels can dispatch these enemies very quickly with Warp, Incinerate, and Overload. If unarmored, Overload or Incinerate will cause their tanks to explode instantly with higher force than if the tank had been punctured by weapon rounds, dealing splash damage to nearby units.

Using Dominate also makes them exceptionally useful: Their flame weapons will quickly burn through armor, and prevents regeneration on any vorcha or krogan it hits, and they're typically already in range of allies. Lastly, if killed by a shot to the tank, Overload, or Incinerate, the explosion will further damage nearby allies.

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