Blood Pack Troopers are vorcha who have been forced into service by the Blood Pack and are literally beaten into soldiers by their krogan commanders. They are the most commonly encountered soldiers of the Blood Pack, and considered to be cannon fodder by their fellow krogan.

Capabilities Edit


They are equipped with a variety of weapons including M-3 Predator pistols, M-8 Avenger assault rifles, and M-23 Katana shotguns.

The Troopers are essentially cannon fodder for their more powerful krogan overseers and will act in a supporting role, suppressing a squad or forcing them out of cover while a krogan warrior advances. Troopers, much more than any other mercenary equivalent, will attempt to flank a squad. It could cause severe problems in open areas, where this move is more likely to go unnoticed. They are generally encountered in significant numbers.


Some Blood Pack Troopers possess armor on Normal difficulty, but the majority do not. While Troopers have no shields or barriers, on higher difficulty levels all Troopers possess armor that will regenerate if given enough time. They also regenerate health on all difficulties, and will begin regenerating almost instantly, making them very difficult to kill quickly. Oftentimes, a vorcha will trigger their Fortification after another vorcha is killed. They usually take a second to roar at the player, making them vulnerable for a quick shot.

Tactics Edit

  • Troopers are generally unpredictable and react differently and in unexpected (often tactically unsound) ways.
    • They utilize cover well and sometimes close in on you no matter what their armament, while a shotgun-armed vorcha may keep its distance.
    • They may forgo cover to strafe and fire in a manner similar to salarian Eclipse Troopers, or simply stand in the open and fire. This makes them difficult to counter — especially on Insanity, where predicting an opponent's actions is important.
  • Incendiary Ammo, Incinerate, and Warp are very useful to stop their regenerative capacities on all difficulties and is vital on Hardcore and Insanity, where their regeneration is very swift.
  • Headshots are very effective against them and most fire should be directed at this weak spot.
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