Blood Pack Warriors are the elite troops fielded by the Blood Pack mercenary organization. Warriors are exclusively krogan and act as officers and overseers to the more numerous vorcha. Blood Pack Warriors are rarely encountered without vorcha supporting them. They also accompany Blood Pack commanders such as Kureck and Garm.

Capabilities Edit


They are equipped with the M-27 Scimitar, which can be armed with Incendiary Ammo. Warriors specialize at close quarters combat, it is vital that they not be allowed to close with the squad as they can quickly kill a player with their shotgun or krogan charge causing massive damage. Warriors can advance very quickly and will constantly fire at a target as they advance. They also periodically fire Carnage blasts.


They possess moderate armour, and also have consistent health regeneration. Their armour is significant on all difficulty levels but will become much more durable on higher difficulties. Their health regeneration can also be a significant problem if not halted, on Normal and Veteran difficulties their regeneration is easily manageable as it can take a few seconds to begin and will take a few seconds to refill their health, however, on Insanity difficulty their health will begin to regenerate almost instantly and will refill just as quick.

Tactics Edit

  • The best tactic against Blood Pack Warriors is simply not to allow them to enter close quarters combat. The key to this tactic is stripping away their armour. This makes powers such as Incinerate and Incendiary Ammo vital because such powers also stop their considerable health regeneration.
  • Once their armour has been neutralized, powers such as Concussive Shot and Throw can be used to either stop their advance or move them out of close quarters combat. On Insanity, this tactic has to be used carefully as once they have been thrown or knocked over they will regenerate any lost health very quickly allowing them to remain a threat, some form of flame based powers is a requisite against them.
  • Sniping a Warrior is also effective, it can however take a few shots to strip their armour away; using powers to take the armour away and then firing shots into a Warrior's head is a very efficient way to kill them.
  • It should also be noted that vorcha troopers and Pyros have a tendency to accompany a Warrior as it advances towards a squad in this scenario. Taking out the vorcha is the priority, as they advance quicker and will force a squad out of cover and/or distract them away from the advancing Warrior.Dominate can also be used to turn the Pyros against the Warrior. While distracting them, the fire also prevents health regeneration.
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