Disambiguous This article is about the Blue Suns unit in Mass Effect 2. For the Cerberus unit in Mass Effect 3, see Centurion.

The Blue Suns Centurion is the second highest rank in the Blue Suns mercenary group.

Capabilities Edit


Human and turian Centurions are armed with M-15 Vindicator assault rifles or M-27 Scimitar shotguns respectively. They can easily strip away the player's shields and inflict high damage. The human Centurions are also highly-accurate troops, rarely missing a burst with a Vindicator.


Centurions have Tech Armor, increasing their durability. If their shields are taken down, they may recharge them if given enough time.

Tactics Edit

  • The human Centurion's biggest weakness is their weapon—while capable of serious damage, they cannot keep a squad pinned down as effectively as a Heavy or Trooper. This leaves them defenseless while they wait for the slight delay in their weapons fire rate, allowing a player to coordinate a squad’s firepower and power usage on them more effectively.
  • A player equipped with weapons that keep up a constant stream of fire will easily suppress and damage them. On harder difficulty levels they can cause very high amounts of damage; making suppressing them an unrealistic option, particularly if they are being supported by other troops. In this scenario, picking off the weaker opponents while utilizing powers on them is an effective strategy.
  • In close-quarters combat they are capable of causing higher amounts of damage which can be problematic if they still have shields. Directing a squad's powers against them while also barraging them with gunfire is an efficient solution.
  • Stay at a distance and bombard them with shield damaging powers, pistol fire, and assault rifles and they'll fall in no time.

Trivia Edit

  • It is likely that the Blue Suns Centurion are named after the Roman Centurions, professional officers within the Roman army.
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