The Blue Suns Commander is a powerful member of the Blue Suns mercenary group. Blue Suns Commanders are equipped with armor and superior weapons in comparison to other Blue Suns forces.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]


Human and batarian Commanders are armed with the M-76 Revenant light machine gun, while turians are equipped with M-300 Claymore heavy shotguns. They can equip their guns with Incendiary and Disruptor Ammo.

Commanders can provide a stats boost to nearby troops.


Commanders have shields, which they can regenerate over time, and a high armor, making them more durable than other Blue Suns during combat. They also have access to Tech Armor.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Not surprisingly, the best way to handle a Commander is at range. Sniper rifles make good weapons for taking these soldiers down, but in close quarters, assault rifles will do. Because they are so durable, it's a good idea to shift your team's fire to concentrate on the Commander until he can be crowd-controlled with biotics or tech. If dealing with the Claymore-wielding variant, keeping them away is a must.
  • Overload, Incinerate and Reave are all good ways to deal with Commanders.
  • On higher difficulties, using powers to drain their shields and destroy their armor will prove useful at a distance, allowing you to conserve ammo and kill them quickly.
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