Blue Suns Heavies are troops deployed in a squad support role by the Blue Suns mercenary organization. They are always human, equipped with ML-77 Missile Launchers. Their role is to inflict heavy damage on opponents while keeping them suppressed. They are encountered frequently on Blue Suns bases and places of interest. There seem to be two types of Blue Suns Heavies, helmeted and helmetless, with the helmetless ones seemingly acting as commanders and sporting substantially better defenses.

Capabilities Edit


They will generally stay as far away from opponents as possible, continually launching missiles and ducking into cover. If players are out of cover, they are capable of killing quickly as their missiles can track and make the player stumble if hit. On higher difficulties, their fire rate increases considerably, meaning they can pin down a squad and must be dealt with or other troop types will advance and kill the player and squad.


Heavies normally do not have shields but gain them on higher difficulties. Late-game Heavies, even on Casual difficulty, may have shields. On higher difficulties, the helmetless Heavies have strong shields that can absorb a great deal of damage.

Tactics Edit

  • The best way to deal with Heavies is a sniper rifle. Squad members such as Garrus, Thane, and Zaeed can handle this if the player doesn't have sniper rifle training; once the Heavy's shield is down, heavy pistol fire is also fairly effective. Alternatively, concentrating powers on Heavies will also stop them from constantly bombarding the player, as well as potentially knocking them out of cover. If none of these options are possible, concentrating fire on them is still effective; timing when to shoot and ceasefire is crucial, especially on Hardcore and Insanity.
  • Not surprisingly, missiles from the Heavy can damage other Blue Suns should they get in the way of the missile. Although it is not always possible, Blue Suns Heavies may actually cause more damage to their own squad with their rear-cover fire tactics (the most noticeable instance being on Korlus).
  • Because of her weapon's splash damage, a Heavy can harm or kill herself if she fires upon a Combat Drone at point-blank range.
  • At long range, Singularity and other similar biotic powers can be used to lift the Heavy up, creating an opportunity for you to get into cover or kill them.
  • If clustered in a group of enemies, Dominate can be used to have them deal significant damage to their own allies.
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