Blue Suns Pyros are flamethrower equipped troops employed by the Blue Suns mercenary organization, encountered on the planet Zorya.

Capabilities Edit


Pyros will engage at short range with the M-451 Firestorm.


They possess no shields on normal difficulty but will gain them on higher difficulties.

Tactics Edit

  • Keeping your distance from a Pyro while shooting at him ought to bring him down.
    • Pyros should never be approached in close quarters combat as they will easily devastate a player, even on lower difficulties. If caught in a Pyro's flames, the player will stagger backwards, making Shepard vulnerable to more attacks.
    • The Pyro will attempt to get closer in order to engage the player and will not choose to get into cover, making it easy to neutralise him.
  • The best tactic against them is to rupture the tank on their backs with well-placed shots. Tech powers such as Overload and Incinerate will cause them to instantly explode if unshielded, dealing damage to nearby units (friend or foe) and knocking over undefended units caught in the blast, much the same as using these powers on explosive environmental objects. Firing with a light weapon at the gas tank carried by the Pyro will puncture it, eventually blowing the Pyro up, whereas hitting the tank with a more powerful weapon like certain sniper rifles or light weapons with the Incendiary Ammo power, can cause the Pyro to explode instantly.
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