Boomerang is a human colonist for the Andromeda Initiative.

After the arrival in Andromeda, Boomerang left the Nexus among the Exiles and became a scavenger on Elaaden. Ultimately he joined the gang leaded by Axius.

His nickname comes from Axius because he was beaten by the gang and abandoned for dead on the planet several times but 'boomerang' always kept coming back.

If Pathfinder Ryder manages to settle a colony on Elaaden, the Initiative gives Boomerang a second chance as a mods and weapons merchant in the outpost of New Tuchanka. However, he is still in a probationary period and is supervised by authorities.

His fellow colonist Jonah Park thinks that he is a good guy even if he lacks intelligence and if he is cagey about Boomerang wares' origin.

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