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Brainwashed Guards are found on 2175 Aeia during Jacob's loyalty mission. They are the male, shipwrecked, former crew-members of the MSV Hugo Gernsback, who have suffered neural decay from eating the local vegetation. There are four Brainwashed Guards in total, each utilising different armaments and powers. They have somehow been brainwashed by Ronald Taylor to act as his bodyguards.



The tech user is armed with an M-6 Carnifex and can deploy Combat Drones as well as use Incinerate.

The soldiers are armed with M-8 Avenger, M-23 Katana and M-9 Tempest.


All guards have similar shielding. The tech user in particular wears what appears to be the Predator Armor or Scorpion Armor from Mass Effect.


The guards are supplemented by a YMIR Mech in the final battle before meeting Ronald Taylor. There are not many guards to deal with but they lay down suppressing fire while the mech closes in.

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