Disambiguous This article is about the adversary in Mass Effect 3: Citadel. For the character herself, see Maya Brooks. For the character who appears in Mass Effect: Foundation, see Brooks (Mass Effect: Foundation).
Maya Brooks reveals herself to be an agent working for the Mysterious Figure, a person also revealed as Commander Shepard's clone, after trapping the real Shepard's team inside an iridium vault at the Citadel Archives. She accompanies the clone into the Normandy SR-2 in executing the plot to hijack the ship. Unfortunately the real Shepard escapes the vault and manages to board the Normandy, culminating in a final faceoff between Brooks, the clone, and their CAT6 mercenaries against Shepard's squad in the ship's cargo bay.

Capabilities Edit


Brooks is armed with an N7 Crusader shotgun.


Brooks has fairly strong shields and can use Tactical Cloak to flee should her shields go down.

Tactics Edit

  • Unlike the Clone, Brooks does not have armour and is susceptible to sustained gunfire and power-usage. Be wary of her cloaking, and that she will re-join the fight at full health after a certain amount of time or when the clone activates medi gel.
  • If Brooks is downed, the Clone will occasionally kneel beside her to revive her, presenting an opportunity to fire on both targets. However, Brooks cannot actually be killed during the battle.
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