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Disambiguous This article is about the adversary in Mass Effect 3: Citadel. For the character herself, see Maya Brooks. For the character who appears in Mass Effect: Foundation, see Brooks (Mass Effect: Foundation).

Maya Brooks reveals herself to be an agent working for the Mysterious Figure, a person also revealed as Commander Shepard's clone, after trapping the real Shepard's team inside an iridium vault at the Citadel Archives. She accompanies the clone into the Normandy SR-2 in executing the plot to hijack the ship. Unfortunately the real Shepard escapes the vault and manages to board the Normandy, culminating in a final faceoff between Brooks, the clone, and their CAT6 mercenaries against Shepard's squad in the ship's cargo bay.



Brooks is armed with an N7 Crusader shotgun.


Brooks has fairly strong shields and can use Tactical Cloak to flee should her shields go down. She is also fairly stun resistant.


  • Unlike the Clone, Brooks does not have armour and is susceptible to sustained gunfire and most powers, including Stasis. Be wary of her cloaking, and note that even if she is downed or dealt heavy damage she will soon rejoin the fight at full health after a certain amount of time or when the clone activates medi-gel.
  • If Brooks is downed in the second stage of the fight (once the cargo door is open), the Clone will eventually kneel beside her to revive her, presenting an opportunity to fire on both targets. Brooks cannot be permanently killed during the battle.
  • Brooks can be thought of as basically an especially powerful CAT6 Sniper; while Brooks' Crusader shotgun is a single-shot weapon, not the burst-fire M-29 Incisor used by the CAT6 Sniper, she can fire up to four times before having to reload and each shot can potentially one-hit Shepard's shields or health, or deal heavy damage to squadmates.
  • Though Brooks can be quite damaging, it's still generally best to ignore her in favor of focusing your attention on the clone, because as dangerous as she is, she is evasive and hangs back while the clone is far more aggressive and gets in your face. Avoid letting the clone grab or stun you out of cover in an exposed location as Brooks tends to use the opportunity to nail you and you are completely vulnerable until the "wrestling match" with the clone completes.
  • Decoy can be an effective way of distracting Brooks and drawing her fire for a good amount of time. Sentry Turret and Combat Drone also draw her fire but she destroys them quickly.
  • Brooks can be affected by Dominate and will turn on her allies including the Clone; however, like all enemies she grows resistant and eventually immune to Dominate.
  • If a squadmate goes down to her fire, merely do what your counterpart does and spam medi-gel.