MEA Journal - Voeld
An angaran historian, Rjoek, sent his colleagues to recover a priceless artifact from the Eroesk ruins, but they haven't returned. He's asked for help getting them out of kett territory.

Acquisition Edit

Talk to Rjoek (marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon) in Techiix to acquire this mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Travel to the Eroesk ruins Edit

Before leaving Teviix, nearby Rjoek, Ryder can scan a Resistance Cruiser for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.

The Eroesk ruins are to the east of Techiix. There is a Forward Station just to the north-northwest of the navpoint for the Eroesk ruins.

When Ryder arrives, the sound of weapons firing is heard further in the cave. Some turians are in combat against kett.

Defeat the kett Edit

Eliminate the kett. Once defeated, there will be a small pause in the battle to hear Astra speak to Ryder.

Speak to Astra Edit

When you approach Astra after defeating the first wave of kett, this objective completes automatically and then the next objective is given right away. The Speak To Astra objective is also given a second time after the second battle.

Defend the turians Edit

Another wave of kett will drop in via airship. Eliminate the kett reinforcements.

Speak to Astra Edit

Astra reveals that Rjoek lied to the Pathfinder. Rjoek, Astra, and the other turians are smugglers from Kadara Port. Rjoek wanted to sell the map to the highest bidder, but after seeing what the kett did here, Astra had a change of heart. She asks you to take the map to the Resistance instead.

You can search the site for a few mineral nodes and lootable containers. On the upper levels of Eroesk, there is a medical cache for the mission Medical Caches.

Optional: Confront Rjoek Edit

A navpoint MEA Optional Objective Map Icon will be added to Rjoek in Techiix. When you facve Rjoek, there are three possible options (only two are available at any time):

  • Let him go.
  • Tell him to turn himself into the governor.
  • If Jaal Ama Darav is in the squad, he tells Rjoek to report to the Resistance, making this part of the untracked Resistance recruitment. This option replaces the report to the governor option.

Give the map to Intelligence Officer Kaas Edit

Intelligence Officer Davja Kaas is at the Angaran Resistance Base and is grateful for the map. The map will help the Resistance in planning more efficient attacks on the kett.

Rewards Edit

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