The C-Sec Customs Officer is a female human working for Citadel Security Services' Customs and Immigration in Zakera Ward. As a customs officer, she is required to confiscate biotic amps and weapons before allowing a person to enter the ward. This officer believes assumptions are dangerous and her motto is "be alert, be safe".

The Customs Officer has an on-going discussion with an unnamed turian who accuses her of racism whenever she makes a comment or a request. She doesn't allow two asari to leave for Thessia, flagging them as a potential risk for geth infiltration. Shepard can choose to help the asari. The Commander can attempt to convince her or simply use their Spectre status to let the asari leave.

Trivia Edit

  • The officer's uniform and designation identify her as C-Sec personnel. The branch she works for is identified again by her designation, and the full name is mentioned by Captain Bailey. The name of her posting comes from a shuttle directory.
  • When Shepard concludes the assignment involving the couple of asari travelers and questions the C-Sec Customs, the Commander is referred to as "sir", regardless of Shepard's gender.
  • Ironically, despite the increased security measures, she fails to see Legion as a geth and calls it Shepard's "personal synthetic assistant".
  • A dispute between the officer and the turian talks about a ceremonial blade and that he can't board a shuttle with it. This could be a reference to the episode The Parliament of Dreams from the TV Show Babylon 5, where an alien tries to go through customs with a ceremonial blade but is stopped by the chief of security and calling the chief's actions heretical.
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