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CAT6 Mercenaries

CAT6 is a private military corporation that takes its name from "Category 6", the term used for soldiers who are dishonorably discharged from the Systems Alliance. CAT6 members are known to have extensive criminal records and histories of steroid abuse.

The mercenaries are known to name their squads after sharp objects. Examples include Rapier, Hatchet and Dagger squads, and an elite contingent among them is known as Razor squad.


Mass Effect 3: Citadel[]

In 2186, CAT6 is hired by the Mysterious Figure to assassinate Commander Shepard.

The Mysterious Figure, revealed to be a clone of Shepard, eventually hijacks the Normandy SR-2 along with an army of CAT6. The clone instructs the mercs to "slow down" the original Shepard when the latter manages to sneak aboard with their own boarding party. One of the mercs can be overheard asking the meaning of that order, unsure if they were actually allowed to kill Shepard, and the guy next to him replies that the clone just thinks of the mercs as cannon fodder.

The inevitable showdown between clone and original takes place in the Normandy's cargo hold, and every mercenary still alive tries providing support for the clone. None of the mercenaries who fought against Shepard survive except for the one piloting the Normandy, who is subdued by security drones directed by EDI.


Troop Varieties[]