The CAT6 Heavy is a CAT6 unit encountered in Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC.

Capabilities Edit


The CAT6 Heavy is equipped with an M-76 Revenant Light Machine Gun. This makes them effective at close to medium-range combat.


CAT6 Heavies have heavy armor and can generate large, ballistic shields that are similar in function to the kind wielded by Cerberus Guardians. They can take cover, but don't need to while carrying shields. Like other Mass Effect 3 enemies, they can be staggered by gunfire or powers, and they take 40% additional damage from headshots.

Tactics Edit

  • Their Revenants allow Heavies to attack from medium range. When coupled with their ballistic shields, Heavies can box Shepard in while their allies attack from afar.
  • A Heavy's shield can be yanked away with Pull, but they can regenerate it if left alone for too long. The shield can also be destroyed if it takes enough damage.
  • Like a Guardian, there is a mail slot to take advantage of. The shield however also protects the wielder from penetration mods. Weapons with natural penetration still cause damage.
  • Unlike a Guardian's shield, however, the Heavy's shield cannot be yanked away with Lash.
  • The Heavy's shield can also be disabled with Overload.
  • Energy Drain or Sabotage will stun a Heavy, giving you time to unload on them. They also destroy his shield temporarily, making him vulnerable to all tech/biotic attacks.
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