The CAT6 Sniper (also known as the Merc Sniper) is a CAT6 unit encountered in Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC.

Capabilities Edit


CAT6 Snipers are armed with M-29 Incisor sniper rifles with added laser sights.


CAT6 Snipers have a moderate amount of health and possess a layer of shields, which will regenerate over time. They will often take cover during combat, coming out only to take a shot. They can utilize Tactical Cloak and smoke grenades in order to conceal their movement or to escape should Shepard close the distance. Like other Mass effect 3 enemies, they can be staggered by powers or gunfire if unshielded, and take 40% additional damage from headshots.

Tactics Edit

  • CAT6 snipers use Incisors that fire in three-round bursts, capable of downing players by passing through both health and shield gates.
  • Like Nemeses, CAT6 Snipers possess no close-range weapons or abilities and will flee if approached.
  • CAT6 Snipers possess Tactical Cloak, allowing them to move undetected into an offensive position or to escape from Shepard.
  • CAT6 Snipers can throw smoke grenades, though they prefer to use them for misdirection or to facilitate quick escapes, rather than to obscure the locations of allies like Cerberus Centurions.
  • If the CAT6 Sniper has locked on to you, going into cover or performing a combat roll allows you to evade the shot.
  • Because the CAT6 Sniper's attack pattern is so similar to a Nemesis, deal with them the same way as with Cerberus Nemesis such as:
    • using the time-gap between lock-on and fire to squeeze a shot at one, throwing off their aim;
    • using sniper rifle fitted with penetration mod to hit one through the cover;
    • using charged Venom shotgun rounds to hit one behind cover;
    • using Disruptor Ammo to overload their shields.
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