Calyn is the elcor ambassador to the Citadel, sharing an embassy office with Din Korlack, the volus ambassador. Calyn is more accepting of humans than his volus counterpart, and will happily share information about elcor culture and history with Commander Shepard. Like most elcor, he is very even-tempered, and often chastises Din for his rudeness.

Mass Effect[edit | edit source]

When Shepard first meets Calyn, he is trying to help Xeltan, a fellow elcor, with his complaint against Sha'ira: Shepard's conduct in helping Xeltan as part of an assignment earns a positive comment from Calyn to Din about how humans behave.

Mass Effect: Retribution[edit | edit source]

Calyn is working alongside David Anderson during trade negotiations with the Vol Protectorate and the Turian Hierarchy. Calyn expresses exasperation with the tempestuous volus ambassador, and Anderson himself harbors secret frustration with Calyn, though he keeps quiet, as the Systems Alliance needs the support of the elcor government. Calyn expresses shock and horror when Anderson jokingly suggests smacking the volus ambassador the next time he is annoying, saying humans have a disturbing sense of humor.

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