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Location: Milky WayArgos RhoHydra System Fourth planet

Prerequisite: Priority: Geth Dreadnought (Mass Effect 3)


Canrum is a small, rocky world with a trace atmosphere of methane and krypton. Its surface is mainly composed of magnesium and silicates with deposits of carbon.

Canrum was the site of the warlord Shiagur's defeat by turian peacekeeping forces during the Krogan Rebellions. While this band was not especially powerful, Shiagur was a female warlord – and one of the few remaining fertile females, at that. She had, through viciousness and cunning, parlayed her unique value into a position of power. Krogan males competed for the right to join her band and lie with her.

When Shiagur's death was announced, vengeful male krogan admirers near and far swore blood oaths against the participating turian crews. In the end, several thousand of the turian participants were killed in open combat or through assassination. To this day, many krogan proudly proclaim that they have the "blood of Shiagur."

Survey Text[]

“Scans of the planet Canrum revealed dangerous levels of radiation coming from orbit. Chief Engineer Adams conducted further scans and discovered the remains of an ancient warhead marked with the Parthia Colony insignia.”


Search and Rescue[]

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  • In Mass Effect 2, Canrum is mentioned by the krogan Grunt. He describes the battle fought there as the last great battle of the Krogan Rebellions. This dates the battle to the latter half of the 8th century CE.